{SOLVED} Backup project unexpected behavior


I have suddenly run into unexpected behavior while backing up a project into a new folder.

Previously, I chose backup project, chose a new folder, renamed the project file and that would be the active session on screen. The old session would automatically close.

Whats happening now when I do the same thing is that the old session remains active even while a new one has been created in the specified location. So now, after backing up the project as a new file into a new location, to get to it, I first have to close the current old file and then open the new one separately. I hope I’m being clear enough to explain my problem. :slight_smile:

Is there anything I have inadvertently chosen for this behavior to occur? Is there anything I can do to revert back to the earlier behavior?

Thank you!

Ok solved it… I just RTFM… In the backup project dialog box you have unselect “Keep current project active”.