[SOLVED] bar broken across system break

See the following picture where the bar is broken across the system break. How do I ensure this does not happen?

I’ve tried reset appearance, etc. to no avail.

Engrave mode: Make into system.

I tried make into system but it breaks up the current location into multiple systems. How do I apply this over the entire score so that bars do not get broken over systems?

I am having the same problems even though it is set correctly in Engrave Mode.

You might want to insert a system break at the beginning of the “cut” bar, or change space size in layout options, page setup category, in order to make more music fit in one line. I admit I never had this kind of issue, though… But the size looks quite big to fit in one line. You could also try to reduce the note spacing (3.5 instead of 4?)

Have you checked you settings in Layout Options?

The setting allow open bars to be split across system breaks is not checked.

I’ve made many scores with Dorico and this is the first time this has happened to me.
My workaround is to manually define all the system breaks where Dorico has split the bar across systems.

Can you attach the project here so I can take a look, cosedi? I’m surprised Dorico would be doing this on its own unless you’re in open meter and the option to allow bars to be split across system breaks in Layout Options is set.

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Here you go, Daniel. I had originally worked around the issue by manually making system breaks as I mentioned before, but now that I’ve moved onto larger projects, this pain point is amplified.

Thank you.
Howard Goodall - Do not stand at my grave and weep excerpt.dorico.zip (720 KB)

I admit that it is very strange ! Never had that kind of sticky problem in my projects, as far as I recall. I hope the fix will be easy to find!

Just for the heck of it I recreated this from scratch, copying as many settings as I could, and the bar breaks are completely normal. Maybe your original score got corrupted somehow?
HowardGoodall-test.dorico.zip (397 KB)

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for having done that job (I did not have the patience to do that), but of course it has been corrupted somehow, since it does not happen usually! What would be interesting is to know how this could happen, what starts it…

cosedi, You have measure length X=“Irregular length 1”.
Put again the Time Signature 2/2, and then it must disappear.

Brilliant, I should have tried re-entering the time signature! Just out of curiosity, where is the “measure length” attribute? I don’t see it in Layout, Notation or Engraving options, or the properties panel.

see appendix.

Brilliant, Piano-EK! I did not notice that meter!

Thank you, Piano-EK! Thank you all community members. This completely solves my problem.

For background, this score was generated originally from a Photoscore OCR scan so there could be some unusual elements.

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Hello, I am reviving this thread, as something similar happens in one of my projects in Dorico 4.
I copied Pergolesis “Stabat Mater” which consist of 12 flows.
In one flow only (flow 3) in all instrument layouts, as well as in the score layout bars brake in the middle.
So I checked: in Layout Options for Casting Off, all Layouts are set to not allow open bars to be split across system breaks - so this option is not checked.
Ticking and unticking the option does not fix it. I had to manually force my systems into place, before exporting everything to pdf.

Also I have a question - this might have changed in Dorico 4: when in Engrave Mode I select a note in the middle of a bar and make a System break, the whole bar moves to the next system (as if I was clicking the dot key). How can I just make half a bar f.e. Move to the next system?

You can turn this off in Preferences: