[Solved] Batch processes with files larger than 4 GB

We digitize tapes with Nuendo / Cubase (96/32float) and many files are larger than 4 GB.
Nuendo / Cubase saves these as normal wav files with the extension wav. That’s what customers want and they can handle it.
Today we wanted to normalize the finished files with WaveLab instead of within Nuendo (so we can keep the original un-normalized).
Although I have explicitly activated the RF64 format, I get the message that the files above 4 GB CANNOT be opened. (The preview, on the other hand, shows these files without any problems.)
(We use the “Level Normalizer”).
It also doesn’t work with just metadata, although we’ve done that in previous versions (not sure).

In the end we want the files with the extension wav - exactly as they are played out by Nuendo or Cubase.
What do we have to set in WaveLab so that “wav” above 4 GB (RF64) is processed as a batch - and is also saved as wav (broadcast wave).
Thank you.

Using WaveLab 11.2; I have just done a test to normalize a 5 GB file, and this works OK.
Therefore I need more details about your case.
I suggest you send me your batch processor file and also maybe one of the files that fails.

Thanks for your offer. I then handed the files over to my colleague.
The colleague has just tested it with our files on his computer. Everything works here too. The problem seems therefore only to be due to our PC. I’m doing a fresh install.
Thank you very much.

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