[SOLVED] Be Aware: Noteperformer's Use Of CC15 Creates Problems With VI Pro For Exported MIDI Tracks

I am working on my process for exporting MIDI to Cubase and lo and behold, when I imported tracks to Cubase they are, surprise!, including a value of zero for CC15 for every single note!

This turns off VI Pro’s reverb, so I have a bit of a project on my hand to fix this. I’ll probably take my first foray into the Logical Editor to do so.

It turns out the culprit is Noteperformer, which uses CC15 in it’s ExMaps. I guess going forward I’m going to have to alter the CC assignment to reverb on/off in VI Pro.

Yes, in Cubase Pro you can quickly delete all those cc15 commands in one go by selecting all the midi parts in the project and using the Logical Editor: (note Function: Delete at the bottom)

Thanks, Steve.

This will be one of my first forays into Logical Editor-land. But it will be good to get used to it, and it should pay huge dividends going forward.

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In case anyone using Cubase runs into this, here’s a video explaining how using the Logical Editor you can select project-wide any particular controller for modification.