[SOLVED] Bigger Cubase projects stuck on load (Mac M2 MAX, 96GB RAM)


when I have large projects that require 50+ GB of RAM, 50% of the time the project doesn’t load properly, Cubase hangs while loading the project and I have to force quit it. Sometimes when 15GB of RAM are loaded, sometimes when 30GB are loaded, it’s not consistent.
When it loads properly, everything works fine.
The problem occurs with Cubase 12.0.70 as well as with Cubase 13.0.10.

Does anyone have a tip for this problem?

I use many VSTs like Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, Omnisphere, EastWest Opus, TSS, etc. and I have round about 70 active instrument tracks in the project like Kontakt 7 (every instance is purged).

System: Macbook Pro early 2023, M2 MAX, 96GB RAM
OS: macOS Sonoma 14.1 (the problem also occurred under Ventura)
I have to start Cubase under the Rosetta Mode.



I have sent you a Private Message.


Found a solution. Turned out I haven’t updated all my plugins from Impact Soundworks for a while. After the update the project was loading much quicker and without any crashes since.
Thank you for your time and effort Martin!