[SOLVED]Bounce Selection - ways of working...

I’m looking for any tips/hints/clues folks please… (Audio Events only throughout…!)

Using ‘Bounce Selection → Replace’ doesn’t work as it used to… I know, its been like this for a while, but here’s my workflow that’s frustrating me still:-

  1. double-click in empty space between locators to create a new blank event. This event will ‘cover’ any existing material on the track (3 separate, isolated events; say, two choruses and a double chorus towards end). Fine, that’s what I want - to make one event out of these, on this track, that runs start to finish.

  2. rubber-band all items

  3. choose Bounce Selection → Replace

Now, that used to be it…! Result…! Job done. A big, new, single EVENT with my choruses intact and some new silence in the previous ‘empty’ spaces.

However, this is no longer true; the events underneath the big new ‘blank’ event created are not ‘welded’ into the result - they’re still there as separate events… So, I’ve learned you have to use the glue tool to glue the new big blank event together to the separate real audio events first, then do a Bounce Selection - which now makes new A PART (not what I want); so then I have to select all again and perform another Bounce Selection - > Replace to get to my desired EVENT result.

Does anyone have a better way please…?


PS:- I’ve tried joining the separate events first using a Bounce Selection → Replace, then trying the new double-click blank event business. Doesn’t work either.

I have started to just arm a track and record realtime right into Cubase…

Hopefully they’ll come up with a streamlined solution.

I’m not positive I understand, 'cause my answer is so simple.

If you get rid of step 1 and just

Don’t you get one long event?

Or is the part I’m missing that you want the event to start at the beginning of the timeline? (or left locator)

Thanks for replies.

@Steve - no to your first question, yes on your other; if you don’t do step 1, you don’t get the ‘beginning to end’ event - which IS what I want (Left Locator at start). I checked this morning and the above 3 steps works brilliant in SX3…!! Fast workflow…!

So sorry for being a bit long-winded; in summary, I guess my question(s):-

Why does Bounce Selection → Replace not work properly when selected events on the same track, are overlapping…? You’ll notice the event(s) underneath are still there (hashed lines show through). Why should I need to glue (‘weld/merge/replace’) the events underneath to the overlapping event, first…? Once glued, this is now a PART - don’t want this…!

It didn’t used to work like this…! No gluing needed and the resultant Bounce Selection → Replace created a new EVENT, straight after rubber-banding.

I don’t want a new PART - never have worked with them; I like working with EVENTS only.

(The overriding goal of all this by the way, is to quickly make all tracks (files) in my project ‘line-up’ so that collaborators can take just the audio files, load them into their Logic or whatever, and work further on the project)

you’re using the wrong tool, don’t rubber band them use the range selection tool.
i.e. the second tool in the tool box.

just drag the range over all your project and it will do what you want.


Oh. My. God.

That, is a beautiful thing…!

A very happy bunny here; the workflow is even faster than before. Thank you Norbury Brook…!

For years I have used Cubase; and this has passed me by - these little things mean a lot. So, I learn again.

Cubase, does indeed rock. “All hail, the RANGE SELECTION TOOL…!!”

(PS:- will add [SOLVED] to title)

Wow. I did not know that either. Thanks Norbury Brook!

Range selection tool also works amazingly on automation, especially with snap!

haha … just red the post and i was in hurry to reply… ““use the range tool for that””" but Norbury Brook already wrote it :wink: (also discovered it for bouncing few months ago and its much easier and correct )
after years of using cubase with almost not usage of the range tool i discovered that its very powerful tool for cut, copy,trim etc…
for example :before i used to cut a section of an event to copy it ,now i use the range tool and the original event is not spliced !!

But there is an interesting ‘problem’ here, and that is that audio Parts can’t be bounced, which is a pity. And this is why the OP raised the problem, because he was mixing Events with Parts. I think Steinberg should include Parts in the bounce feature…

Here’s a work case - I quite often use small parts to replicate complicated comps on say a vocal track, and I use the parts to keep the timeline tidier when duplicating those parts for say multiple choruses. Now I want to simplify my project for the mixing stage, but I can’t because I can’t bounce down the Parts and the Events into one event.

Here’s another odity - if you select some audio Events in the range editor plus an audio Part too then you can try Audio->Bounce but it doesn’t do anything, so that could be said to be a little bugette in itself.