[SOLVED]: Bypass ALL Inserts/EQs/Sends

I’m not QUITE sure whether you can do this or not in C6 somehow easily, but I’d just LOOOOVE to have an option on Automation Panel to “suspend” Inserts and Sends in the same manner as one can suspend READ/WRITE. It wouldn’t be SUSPENDING to the exact meaning of the word, but I simply mean setting ALL active Inserts and/or Sends on ALL tracks (that have Inserts/Sends active) to BYPASS (and back on).

That way one could easily release some extra processor power + memory when you have a large project with countless Inserts + sends on several tracks, and you just have to, for example, record yet one vocal line again, etc.

Due to the heavy load of a fully plug-in equipped mixing project, the PC slows down so much that one has to tweak with the buffer values and that sucks.

Plus, I actually like to hear sometimes my project without any extra plugins (Inserts nor Sends) and currently it’s a tedious job setting dozens of buttons to bypass and then back again. And there really are other scenarios where that project-wide Insert/Send-bypassing would be a great feature.

Any ideas?

I think you can automate inserts but I don’t know about sends.

Automate?? Sure that’s possible but I was NOT talking about automation but BYPASSING the inserts/sends on ALL tracks with a single click. :slight_smile:

I think “Suspend” is more or less only used as a term in the Automation so that’s what expected as well.
Back on topic: There is a shortcut for that as well as for EQ and sends, maybe a button as well.

Why would anyone want to bypass sends and inserts at the same time?


In more detail - once more: If you will record something with a s**tload of plugins active, you’ll have to tweak the buffer settings and thus, will GET MORE LATENCY.

Hope I made myself clear now. No offense… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry… Didn’t quite follow… You mean, there actually IS a short-cut for disabling Inserts/Sends/EQ’s on all the tracks by one mouse-click?? Could you please tell me where, since I haven’t been able to find it… :blush:

Thanks for the reply anyway :slight_smile:

Ok so you are talking about that dumb assed feature called Freeze right?

Now I get you, so you put dynamics on your audio for a reason right? Only to remove it and your levels become unwieldy ok.

Well I’m only a geek techno head so.

Naw, Key Command :blush: That’s what I got for commenting on your terminology! life is a tough place! :laughing:
You can search for “bypass” in the key commands dialog and hit the search button a few times and you’ll find it!

NO, I’m not talking about Freezing, but BYPASSING the inserts/EQ’s/Sends. I can’t say it any more clearly. Let’s drop the subject.

Ok sorry to ruffle your feathers mindastray!

I think Steinberg madcap VST3 does suspend processing on no signal anyway.

What I know about this though is ZERO.

Found it. Made a macro already. Works. Me happy :smiley:

No apologies necessary. Just tried to explain. And I guess I couldn’t.

But anyway, I already found the solution from the Keyboard shortcuts. AND made a macro of bypassing/enabling all the EQ’s/Inserts/Sends by one single KB shortcut. Works like a charm - just what I needed.

No hard feelings, and my feathers are just fine still :mrgreen:

ARGH, WHATEVER! You got the point anyhow, didn’t you? :] \m/

What the hell’s your problem? Believe me - I know just about everything about the toughness of the world so just calm down and try to behave, boy. I already got it working so no reason for me to follow this BS any longer.

Have fun and so long :laughing:

Love you too, sweetheart! :wink: Goodbye!

But anyway, I already found the solution from the Keyboard shortcuts. AND made a macro of bypassing/enabling all the EQ’s/Inserts/Sends by one single KB shortcut. Works like a charm - just what I needed.

can you tell me or screenshot me your macro? It would come in handy here as well.

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Yep. I would like that macro too. Thanks in advance.
And for the people that don´t understand…
In this moment I have A LOT of audio tracks and inserted pluggins.
Playing it is ok.
I want to change the Solo, that means rerecording another line with other instrument, live.
Well, it gets spikes and the recording has pops.
So I have to go to EVERY F… channel to bypass the fx.
A function that bypass all fx (like Protools has) would be a lot of time saving.
So no, it is not some “what the hell do you need it for”. It is a must , integrated in other DAWs.

Was the macro (or a workaround) ever shared?