[Solved] Can I completely remove ossia? Issue with cue.

I have a tenor/piano score. To show my singer an optional accompaniment in a few measures*, I used “ossia” to show the alternate. After his approval, I cut and pasted the notes from ossia into the regular piano score. Then I deleted the +/-2 staves flags for the ossia (also tried “Remove > Staff”). I know there’s a cool feature where ossia notes remain in the project, in case you want to lengthen it again, but in my case I want it completely gone. I’ve tried recreating the ossia and making sure everything was deleted, then removing the staff again.

The problem is with cues. Adding a cue and typing “piano”, I get four choices: Piano (a), (b), c and d. There should only be two: a and b. So Dorico still thinks there’s ossia stuff in the flow.

How can I make the ossia go away completely, so that Dorico thinks it’s gone forever?

*Next time I’ll add another piano player, and put the alternate arrangement there.

You can’t do this directly yourself, except by creating a new piano player and instrument and copying and pasting the material from one to the other, then deleting the original one with the unwanted extra staves. If that seems unfeasible for some reason, you can zip up and attach the project here and I’ll perform some surgery for you.

Thanks, Daniel. That works great. No surgery needed from you.

Due to layouts it was easier to put piano 2’s music back into piano 1, so I didn’t have to fool around with the piano 2 layout. Otherwise I found myself fixing Engrave stuff for piano 2. Cut and paste seemed easier and safer than trying to figure out Engrave and page settings for the piano part, which for piano 1 was all good.

This takes longer to explain than to do it, and it was fairly painless:

  1. Setup: Add a piano 2 player/instrument.
  2. Write: Cut piano 1 and paste to piano 2 – all of the problem flow. (I did an extra step of revising the ossia from piano 1 (c) to piano 2 (a), but don’t think it’s necessary).
  3. Setup: Delete piano 1 from the flow (but leave in all the other flows). I’m not sure this step was absolutely necessary. But I figured this might delete the ossia staffs for good.
  4. Setup: Add piano 1 back in. Again, may not be necessary along with previous step!
  5. Write: Cut piano 2, paste into piano 1.
  6. Setup: delete piano 2 player from all flows.
  7. Write: Revise the ossia from piano 2(a) to piano 1(a). Probably could have skipped this step along with step 2 second part, as the ossias should have automatically populated correctly.