[SOLVED] Can I import exported projects back to iPad?

Hi, I’m thinking download Cubasis. I just have one question. If I export my project (as a .zip file) from my iPad can I then delete it from my iPad and import it again later? Just concerned about running out of space having multiple projects going at once. Thanks.

hey seanmvincent,

You can of course re-import cubasis projects. So no concern about filesize’s.

kind regards

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I know this is an old thread but how do you import the zip file? Using the wifi server I choose the zip file from my PC and click import in the projects folder. All it does is upload the zip file. How do I extract it?

I also created a project with the same name and imported the individual files to the Audio folder of the project but the files just disappear and the project doesn’t have any tracks. I’m confused.

ZIP files will be automatically extracted and the projects should appear in Cubasis’ MediaBay afterwards.
Please have a look at the MediaBay section in the In-App help of Cubasis available in the app or online for additional information (http://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Apps/Cubasis/Cubasis_Help/Index.html).

Thank you. I finally figured it out. You have to be in the root folder. I was trying to import the zip file while I was in the projects folder.

Glad to hear the problem is solved.