[SOLVED] Can we make a copy of a project ?

I would like to make a copy of a current project, so i can change a few things… There is no ‘save as’ option of course…
I imagine an alternate way is to use one of the SHARE options to save the project externally and then re-load it if needed… and i;m not sure of the easiest ways to do this…

but is there an easy way to make a project copy from a loaded (or saved to media project folder) project ?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis allows to create snapshots (duplicate of a selected project file), which are somewhat similar to a copy of a project.
Use snapshots to create a version from your project in a specific state. When loading a snapshot, a copy of the snapshot file with a unique name is created, ensuring the snapshot is not overwritten accidentally.

These are the steps to create a snapshot of a project:

  • Go to “Media/Projects”
  • Make sure to select the desired project
  • Tap the camera icon (to create a snapshot of the selected project)

Please learn more about “Snapshots” in the “MediaBay” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.

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Lars ,
Thank you sooooooo much !
And thanks for Cubasis… i have downloaded and deleted so many DAWs… but yours is ALWAYS on my iPad.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your feedback.
Glad to hear it helped, and that you’re satisfied with Cubasis… :slight_smile: