[Solved] can't find cubase 7 serial number

hi i need help please cubase 7i bought from the shop 2 weeks ago i couldent find the serial number not in pack not anywhere i have the receipt and prove go purchase how can i fix that problem please help thanks

There should have been a card in the box with the number on it and a warning not to discard it. No?

Actually it is the Activation Code that is on the card in your box that you will need to activate the USB eLicenser(dongle) which in turn becomes the serial number that allows you to use Cubase.

You can only use this Activation Code once - then of course you are ****## if you lose the dongle.

The activation takes place on-line using the eLicensing software that comes with the initial installation of Cubase.

The card that this info on it is a white sheet with a red octagonal STOP on the top left hand corner. with ESSENTIAL PRODUCT LICENSE INFORMATION written on the top.

The code is 8 groups of 4 letters/numbers. the zero’s have a diagonal line through them.

I hope that helps?

thanks a lot guys i do i have the dangle USB nothing in pack iv check it everwhere nothing just can’t find it do stienberg will help with that if i prove the purchase receipt and the pack and the shop i bought it from ??


You have the dongle?
However, you don’t think the Activation sheet was in the box?

Firstly, I would go back to the place you bought it and explain the issue. It is possible that you got a box without the activation sheet. Perhaps they would be able to replace the package.

The next thing to do if that does not work, is to get in touch with support. You will probably have to give them the code on the Dongle itself to prove ownership.

Good luck.

thanks everyone for your help

Next thing I would do is try some periods.