[SOLVED] Can't get Lexicon Native Reverb to show in Cubase


My problem is that I can’t find my Lexicon Native Reverb bundle anywhere within Cubase. I searched the user forums and found a couple of threads to try and troubleshoot this issue, but could not find a workable solution. Hopefully I am just missing something very basic…

I have Cubase Artist 8 64 bit. (I upgradted to Artist 8.5 a couple days ago.) I run Cubase on a Windows 7 Pro 64 system. I downloaded the Lex Native Reverb bundle a couple weeks ago, made sure to download the software for Windows 64 bit OS.

I installed the latest version of Lex Reverb on my hard drive, registered/updated my iLok2, activated the license for the Lex Reverb through iLok manager. I also updated my eLicenser, and updated to the most recent version of Cubase (8.5). I would think that would make the reverbs valid usable within Cubase, right?

When I enter Cubase, I can’t find them anywhere. I can find all of my Waves plugins, but not the Lexicon plugins. Am I missing something? Do I have to somehow manually point Cubase to these software plugins? Refresh something within Cubase so that it recognizes that they are there?

I don’t know what to do. Hopefully this is something very simple that I am missing. I would appreciate any help to try and solve this issue.

Did you rescan your plugins with the plugin manager?
See Page 610 of the cpro8 manual

Thanks for the response. I have not tried to rescan with the plugin manager. I will try it this evening and see if that resolves the issue.

Thanks for pointing me to the plugin manager section of the manual. I found the very simple issue, which is explained in the manual.

I had to locate the appropriate Lexicon .dll files within Windows and move them into the appropriate plugin folder under Program Files>Steinberg>VSTPlugins. Upon opening Cubase, I went into plugin manager and performed the scan. All Lexicon reverbs are now available!

I have been using Waves plugins and never needed to perform this action of moving files after installing them. Either way, I’m just happy that the Lex reverbs are now working, and that if at any point I use another third party plugin and encounter this issue, I’ll know what to do.