[SOLVED] Can't install Cubase Artist 8 on specific drive

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit. Downloaded the upgrade from Cubase Artist 7.5 to 8 Artist. When I start the install I am unable to select where I want to install Cubase 8 Artist. It just installs on the default drive, which obviously is my C-drive. That drive is an SSD drive with very little space, and Cubase can’t simply fit there. I would like to specify where to install Cubase! Please help, as I am unable to install something that I just paid for!


I solved the problem by cleaning the C-drive a bit, and then restarting the computer. When I then started the installer again, I had the option to choose where to install Cubase. Very odd, indeed… It’s now installed on D-drive and I can live happily ever after. :blush: