[Solved] Can't login to MySteinberg


I use Dorico for 4 months without problems.

I changed my computer so I needed to reactivate my Dorico software.

To do so I tried to login on MySteinberg but it doesn’t work, say that my mail address or password is incorrect.
I can’t change my password as I got a message that my email address doesn’t exist!

I used Safari and Firefox without success.

What I’m getting wrong?

Best regards

First failure ist to post this in the German Section, and try to telephone the support in your country https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/de/articles/206530864-Support-Kontakt#pop1

Hello rescue21,

Thank you for your reply.

I thought it is the English section of the forum.
steinberg.net - Steinberg Forums - English Forums - Cubase - Cubase

I found that I didn’t have a MySteinberg account yet.

I fell it’s really confusing for the user, as I had Seinberg account already + Elicencer + Steinberg Download assistant
and could use my software without a problem.

I create an account on MySteinberg and with this video on YouTube
I could Reactivate my elicence and use my software.

I hope it’s helpful.