[Solved] can't run Cubase 6 after installation (error msg)

Ok, I’ve uninstalled previous versions of Cubase and I also upgraded the Elicenser to the latest version.
I’ve rebooted a couple of times and I also run the “Clean up Netframe” (after searching the forum for solutions).

Now, when I try to run Cubase 6 I ge this error message:
There is no valid licence. The program will quit now.

If I try to use the “Start elicenser” - no Cubase license is available.
Elicenser says there is no Cubase licence anymore! (any version!)

If I reboot the computer, Cubase 6 license comes back until I try to start Cubase 6… then it disappears again.

What to do now?

Also, I can’t uninstall Cubase 6 to reinstall, I get this message:
A network String occured while attempting to read from the file:

I had to run as administrator to be able to start Elicenser in the first place (I got another error msg before that).

(Win 7 64bit, Cubase 6 32bit)

have you re-entered your code in to the elicener before starting up c6 ?



your Cubase 6 license is still stored on your USb eLicenser.

I think you “destroyed” some files on your computer with that “cleaning tool”, and that is why the dongle / eLicenser Control Center is not working correctly anymore.

  1. What happens when you do a new installation of the eLCC ? www.elcc.eu ?
  2. Why did you run that “clean up tool” in the first place ? and did you install the latest .NET framework after that ?



Seems to work now! Thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:

My solution:
I reinstalled Cubase again (without uninstalling), rebooted and then I chose “memory clean” (don’t remember the exact name for it, I’m not at my DAW right now) inside the eLicenser software.

For others: don’t use that “netframe clean up utility” someone posted in some thread here…