Solved-CB Pro 8.5 Crashes Opening a Project with Amplitube 4

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I’ve been using the IK Amplitube VSTs for a long time upgrading to each new version as I see the need. Never had an issue with any of them. So, last week I finally upgraded to the year old Amplitube 4. It is a 64 bit, vst3 effect. Perfect… right?

I started (2) projects using it. Both of these projects will always crash Cubase 100% of the time when I open them the first time and maybe 50% of the time when I try to open them the second time. They will always open on the third try (knock on wood).

I know it is Amplitube 4 causing this concern because when I disable it (by moving the amplitube4.vst3 file out of the scan folder) there are no issues opening the projects.

So, here I am asking for some thoughts on what you think may be causing this and how to fix it.


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Sharing how I fixed this issue…

I reinstalled Amplitube 4. This time I installed the VST2 plugins and the stand-alone version (which I will probably never use). I changed each project to use the VST2 version instead of the VST3 version. I also set the stand-alone version to “Run as Administrator”.

Unfortunately I am not sure if it was changing to the VST2 version or the install & setting the stand-alone version to “Run as Admin…” that fixed it.

At this time I don’t see/hear any difference using the Amplitube 4 VST2 or VST3 version. They sound the same and there is no difference in CPU usage load.

This is a 64-bit VST so no issues with that but, I hope we can keep using VST2 for some time.

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