[Solved] Change Scrollwheel direction into any direction in Cubase and a lot more

Hi everyone,

there are a lot of support questions about changing the scroll wheel direction for horizontal and or vertical movement or any other Key-Mouse behavior.

You can archive any behavior with the tool X-Mouse for every program in Windows7, 10, 11 separately as well.

Say you want to have the horizontal scroll in any editor, with SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL UP to the beginning and SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL DOWN to the end in the main editor. No problem.

It’s tested and checked about several month now in all projects and works perfectly for Cubase and it doesn’t affect other programs on your Windows system.

  1. Install the tool and click [Settings] > Modifier Keys > Active Layer 2 > “SHIFT”
    That means X-Mouse is prepared to watch the SHIFT key.

Click OKAY.

  1. Click [Add] in the main window of X-Mouse.
  • Find the CubaseXX exe
  • Enter Cubase XX to the description textbox
    Click OKAY.
  1. Select your new Profile Cubase XX > Layer 2

change Wheel Up to Wheel Down
change Wheel Down to Wheel Up

Close and don’t forget to save your X-Mouse profile for later. Done!

X-Mouse is able to change the mouse behavior completely for your needs. And more, it’s able to activate a separate mouse control for each single Editor-Window in Cubase.
This is really amazing!

I’d like to add some screenshots, But the forum system doesn’t let me for the first time.

Hi! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Is it possible to tweak X-Mouse to not invert horizontal scrolling behaviour for lower pane Melodyne?

Hi, sorry I do not understand exactly what you mean by lower pane melodyne.
Did you mean in the program melodyne? I’m sure you can configurate any program and also single windsows completely differently. But for me it was enough to change in cubase. You must try or ask in the forum of x-mouse. X-mouse is complex but it works.

I mean Melodyne open in lower zone/panel of Cubase not in separate window

extra software that is monitoring everything you run and changing such a thing as mouseinput inbetween is 1) inacceptable and 2) it would mess up a lot of diffenrent things, wouldnt it? like pressing shift+alt for quicklink in the mixer to modify lowcut, right?

X-mouse is not a fix for the inverted mouse scroll mess for Cubase PC. Because it is basically exactly one functionality that is meesed up, scroll direction, and you cannot configure X-mouse to only change that and leave everything else in good order.
It is Steinberg that have to fix the problem.

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Is this still not fixed in 13?

No it has not been solved as of Cubase 13


It is very cumbersome to go from other pieces of software that have basically the same scrolling/zooming behavior (or at least let you modify) to Cubendo that is fixed. That’s one of the reasons I chose Cubase over Pro Tools (custom key commands). I hope this is added in an update. For now you can look into other solutions as well:

Also Autohotkey does not fix the issue.
There are several items in Cubase dependent on the mouse scroll wheel. If you switch it around for one of these items you’ll switch it around for all items.
Thus you’ll fix one issue and create about a dozend other.

The ball is in Steinberg’s half.

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