[SOLVED] Changing Chords from DAW ( Cubase) to PSR Keyboards


Suppose I have a chord track ( or a midi track containing chord notes) in Cubase. I choose a style in my PSR keyboard and set the Sync Start to ON.

Q1)I was wondering if there was a way to set the PSR keyboard so that when I hit Play on cubase, it start playing back the style and changes the chords according to the chord track. For simplicity, let’s assume, I don’t want any Style part to be change.

Q2) Is it possible to slave PSR keyboard so that it reads the chords from cubase chord track?

I tried different ways by transposing the chord track, etc. None of them works. Is that possible to set up a new midi deivce to do that?

Maybe I can set up a new Midi device to achieve this. I go to MIDI Device Manager> Install Device > Define New…> Create new Midi Device ( see attachments). I was wondering if I could set the new MIDI Device so that I sends the chord events to PSR keyboard when I choose it as insert to Chord track.

This would be really great, if someone could help me out. I know there is at least one:)



PS. When I import a MIDI file generated by PSR keyboard, it places two tracks besides the instrument tracks in the project. one is called SysEx and the other is Chord Data. I assume SysEx contains information regarding the events occurred using performances using styles, “Main A, B, C, Break, Fill-in, Sync, etc” and chord data simply the chord names from PSR keyboard.


Cubase doesn’t send the Chords in any specific format. You can send the Chords to any MIDI Output, of course.

I was wondering how Cubase is sending signal out of Chord Track. For instance, when I use the chords to MIDI in Project Menu, it creates the midi notes on MIDI track. Is there any internal channel?

In the Chord Track, you can set it up. The default settings is Use Monitored Tracks so the MIDI Data from the Chord Track is sent to the tracks, which are in the Monitor Enabled status (the orange speaker button is switched On). Or you can select any MIDI/Instrument track, to send the MIDI signal to this track.

Thank you.