"Solved" Chord score without rest collapse!


I would like to do a Chord score for a band.
I use the “Remove Rests” function and the bar collapsed.

I live in Japan and it’s common to write scores like this for a band.

Before removing rest

After removing rest

Here is the kind of result I want
I would like this result

Select the rests, and in the bottom panel, Common Properties, Color, set the Alpha channel to 0 (transparency).

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Thank you for your reply,
but this technique is very time-consuming.

No it’s not, sorry. Just select them all and do it in one shot.

Select all / Filter / Rests
then, bottom panel, Common Properties / Color, set the Alpha channel to 0 (transparency).
is fast :grinning:
Don’t forget to export in Color :wink:

You could also combine that with using the layout option to hide bar rests in empty bars, which doesn’t impact note spacing.


Once again exactly what I need :+1:t2:
Thank you

I think you can also shrink the size to 1% before setting the alpha channel or transparency to avoid unpleasant artefacts

Marc, I don’t think transparency results in artifacts, regardless of size. At least I haven’t found that.

It was reported not long ago in the forum, IIRC. And Daniel advised that reducing size would help :person_shrugging:

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