[solved] Cub. Essent. Note editor vs. Cub. VST Score?

Hello there,

My Cubase status: novice
My current goal:

  • Getting a paino note chart by keyboard midi record and manual editing
  • Adjusting some settings in Key-Edior to learn the basic Cubase features
  • Using a Halion instrument to play it back

My question:
What does the Cubase Essentials note editor can do?
I made a first simple chart by placing the notes manually (it worked and Cubase plays them using Halion)
Now I am searching for additional articulation symbols in the note editor e.g.:

  • I like to set a tie and a slur
  • I like to note when to press the sustain pedal and when to release it

  • I found an old documentation for Cubase VST score (hope this is the right product name).
    In that (old) Cubase version those articulation symbols are available. But in my current Cubase 5 Essentials I can’t find anything.
    My two question in general:
  • Is the current Cubase note editor meant for what I am trying to do, or is it just to see the notes without all the stuff around them?
  • Can Cubase in general interpret the articulation information of a score (either made in note editor or in third party software like Finale or Sibelius, to control how the Halion plays the instrument?

Does anybody know a web ressource that covers this topic?
I had no luck with google and the tutorial DVDs I bought.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at:


Cubase essential doesn’t have full score editing.

The Cubase 5 manual is available on the steinberg.net support site. That’s probably the best resource.


Hello SteveInChicago,

I didn’t know about the differences of score editor in C5. and C5Essential when buying it. And I only downloaded the manual of the latter one. Now after reading the both manuals I know I should have bought the bigger package. Anyway, now I have a good reason to upgrade to C6 instead of buying a third party score editor.


Great. Do careful research on that. As far as editing scores inside a sequencer I think Cubase is the best because it does so many different things well. But a dedicated notation program only does one thing. So, well, you pays your money and you takes your chances, in the end.

There are a couple threads here talking about Score Edit, here’s one: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1971

I was slightly confused by this as well, the score editor in essential is really limited to showing and editing notes. I can’t even change the key :confused:
Like Klimperguys said: good reason to get 6.

Sounds like it has only edit mode and no page mode.