[SOLVED] Cubase 10 doesn't boot

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

Cubase 10 doesn’t boot. Actually, the splash screen disappears at the very first second.

I’m on Windows 7 64bit. There’s already Cubase 8.5 installed, which worked like a charm until Cubase 10 installation. I figured out that it was the new Groove Agent SE that was causing a conflict. So, anyway, after uninstalling Groove Agent, Cubase 8.5 turned back to normal.

In order to check whether Cubase 10 and 8.5 come along or not, I completely uninstalled Cubase 8.5, deleted preferences, cleaned up registry etc. and then installed Cubase 10 again. Cubase refused to boot. :frowning:

I’d appreciate any help.

Thank you.

In this case, please contact support directly for them to have a look. I am going to send a PM your way now.

Ed, thank you for immediate answer.

I finally figured out what the issue was, so I’m writing here in case some else is interested:

You have to install ALL the Windows Updates, even those that are marked as Optional (there were just two of them that weren’t installed - and eventually appeared to be Crucial) and then run Cubase always as Administrator.

Okay, that doesn’t hurt indeed :wink: Thanks for letting us know!