[SOLVED] Cubase 13.0.41 doesn't see SpectraLayers 11?

Installed (and activated) SpectraLayers 11, uninstalled SpectraLayers 8 and 10. Then launched Cubase 13.0.41 and I can see only Melodyne in Extensions. Any advice, please?

Hi chromos,

Please open the Steinberg Activation Manager and make sure that your SpectraLayers Pro/Elements 11 license has been activated. That’s probably the issue.

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It’s activated.

Works OK for me in Cubase 13.0.41.

I have both SL10 and SL11 installed, and inside Cubase, ARA brings up SL11.

You have to install SpectraLayers 11 again (uninstalling SL 8 and 10 has uninstalled the ARA plugin, which is common to all).
So ideally : uninstall previous versions (if you don’t use them anymore), and then install the latest version.


SL11 reinstalation via Download Assistant solved it.

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Same thing here and the reinstall did fix it. Silly that we have to deal with this one!