[SOLVED] Cubase 13 - how to minimize and restore all windows on Windows?

Is there a way to minimize the entire Cubase 13 to the Taskbar in Windows 11? Right now, I have to minimize each individual window separately, which is not very efficient. I know on right side of Taskbar is ,Show desktop, but then I minimize all. The opposite problem is that I have to maximize all windows again from the Taskbar, this does not seem like a good solution to me. Cubase 12 did not have this problem.

windows button + M ?

In the Window menu there are commands to minimize and to restore all Nuendo windows. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them. Minimizing works well this way. To restore all windows the command must be executed inside a Nuendo window so that at least one must be maximized first.

Hi @lubogaspo

Does “Minimize All” in the “Window” menu solve your use case?


WIN+M working for minimize, Thakn You.
…and shortcut for restore(Maximize) all Cubase 13 windows?

Hi @lubogaspo

You are pointing to an interesting use case. Since Cubase is now no longer in focus the hotkeys will not work, until at least one of Cubase’s windows is in focus to handle it. There is a “Restore All” command, available in the Window menu, or assignable with a hotkey as a key command (per default unassigned). This is admittedly quite inefficient, I wonder whether we cannot add this option when somebody right click on the application handle in the taskbar. Let me check this out later on.

That being said, there are chances it might also solve your use case, I personally use “Win+D” a lot on Windows to basically tidy up my screen quickly.

EDIT: You can restore all from the taskbar by simply using shift + right-click on the taskbar handle.


Hi, by holding Shift and then Right-Clicking on the app’s icon, we have the options to restore-all and even options on how this restoration should be done.

There is another shortcut which can be used for our minimised app, though not that straight forward.
Here’s a screenshot of my task bar right now:

As we can see Cubase is the 6th element in the bar. If we hold Win and press 6 (NOT on the numeric keyboard), the main window of Cubase will be maximised. If we continue pressing 6, we can actually maximise another child window of Cubase. Now, after that, we can always use the internal Restore-all command of Cubase.

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Thanks for the insider knowledge. I had never heard of such a shortcut! I do wonder though whether we couldn’t make it a standard entry without having to press shift.