[SOLVED] Cubase 13, HUB and quitting the program...MACRO!

I dont have any problem with the HUB, I intensively use it


when you wanna QUIT cubase you MUST close all plugins windows, including what I have in the Control Room inserts, which are almost full for me. So each time I have to wait the project to close, THEN look for the SMALL X on the plugin windows from the (hidden) Windows 10 lower bar, THEN the magic QUIT CUBASE button APPEARS on the hub!

too much! SOLVE THIS!

I decided to create a MACRO and solve this, it’s a workaround, I know, nothing special, very easy, maybe everyone already did it, but I wanna share

assigned to CTRL+SHIFT+Q and you are on the desktop in 3-6 seconds

What’s the difference when quitting with Ctrl+Q?

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if you are referring to Cubase 13 and the difficulty of closing it completely down I have the same feelings as you. I can’t use Cubase 13 yet because of all the graphic problems, but I did figure out an easy way to shut down Cubase 13:


forgot to mention that for me CTRL+Q only closes the project, maybe it’s something I modified? will check


Indeed Ctrl+Q should simply quit Cubase. This is the way to go on Windows. Otherwise there’s also File / Quit Cubase. Let me know if it helped!



I have Control Q assigned to the Stream deck , works perfectly as long as you have saved first

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ok, yesterday when I used CTRL+Q it didnt work for quitting the program UNLESS I had closed all windows. Now it works, so it seems that MACRO is unuseful…

I was changing some preferences, as I have installed Cubase 13 one day ago

crazy…anyhow no problem, now CTRL+Q easily works, no need to close the plugins on the Control Room