[SOLVED] cubase 4.5 and windows 7

Hi there, are you able to use cubase studio 4.5 on windows 7 ?, any help is as always greatly appreciated


I have Cubase Studio 4.5.2 and run Windows 7. From memory (I installed it a while ago) I had no problem with one running on the other. Are you having issues? There is always the possibility to tell Windows 7 to install any program as a previous version of Windows if there are install problems.

cheers for the reply richard, the thing is, my pc gave up the ghost, and i’m about to buy a new one, i’m not too computer savy, as you might have guessed lol, with buying a new pc, i cant afford to buy a new version of cubase, i’m just enquiring before i shell out on a new pc, will it run on win 7 64 bit or even win 8 ?, it’s just that i noticed your running win 7 32 bit (i know i’m an idiot), the operating system on the pc i’ve been looking at comes with win 7 64 bit, but i could also get it with win 8 64 bit, sorry for not being specific with my original question, thanks again for the reply richard, any help you can give me on this is greatly appreciated

No worries, happy to help. I wouldn’t anticipate any problems with a 64 bit operating system, but I couldn’t say for sure. As far as Windows 8 goes, I don’t know anything about it except that Roland’s tech support people tell me it is even more resource efficient than Windows 7. I would assume (but can’t say for sure) that it has the same backwards compatibility option as Windows 7 (The “Install as previous version of Windows” ability).

You might want to check compatibility with your hardware though. I had an old Tascam interface and they did not have a driver compatible with Windows 7 (I used to have to unplug it or Windows crashed while shutting down).

If you are worried about newer windows and own an actual copy of your current windows then an independent computer shop would be able to build you a new machine and put your old Windows on it.

Hope that helps


Thanks richard, it helps a lot, I’ll get in touch again if i have any problems when i finally get round to getting my new pc and installing cubase studio 4.5.2 on it, if that’s ok, and i’ll be sure to check the compatibility of the audio interface before i buy, thanks again for the help :wink:

Many users are using Cubase 4 & 5 on Windows 7 64 bit and running without issue. The only problem is Steinberg does not support it so you will be at the mercy of the users here on the forum for your support. Not a bad alternative as there are many knowledgeable people here. Again, as richardkirke says, make sure your other hardware & software are compatible with W7.

thanks supra, it’s put my mind at ease regarding win 7 and cubase studio 4.5, the cubase users on the forum, are a knowledgeable, helpful friendly bunch :smiley: , thanks for the help

No problem!