[Solved] - Cubase 7.5 - Halion Sonic SE2

**Turns out I had a 3GB zip called ‘HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip’ file sat in my downloads folder that I obviously hadn’t installed properly. HSSE2 had installed but without the new content (TRIP etc). I had to run SETUP.exe and then the installer informed my that my HSSE2 content needed ‘updating’.

It has also updated the UI for the existing content to the new Grey look!**


New user name - Old User.

I’ve upgraded to Cubase 7.5 - which is great :slight_smile: but i’m hoping someone can help me because I’m confused.

I’ can’t see any of the options that let me access the new TRIP functionality in Halion SE2? - I go to the patch browser with all the filters visible - but I don;t have a library named Halion SE TRIP (I’ve seen this on tutorial videos) - I just have the basic libraries?

I’ve installed the plug-in update patch - this has now revelead the presence of Magneto etc - but hasn’t impacted my TRIP problem.

I presume I’m doing something dumb, so would appreciate a helping hand!

Thanks, in advance,


Also - the UI on the Right hand side panel for each instrument is till in the old Halion Se style - I.e. Blue colours vs the grey colours of the all the video demos I have seen…if that is a clue???