[SOLVED]Cubase 8 64 bit looks strange

I just updated to Cubase 8 64 & 32 bit. The 64 bit version looks nothing like the 32 bit version. I uninstalled and reinstalled both but they still do the same thing. Is this a glitch? As you can see it shows my desktop icons in the background instead of the usual grey back drop. Strange this does not occur in Cubase 8 32 bit however. It does seem to work ok except it wont find my EZ drummer 2 plug in in the 64 bit version. Thx.

Cubase 8 windows 8.1 Steinberg UR22 I7-3770cpu @3.40GHz 16 GB ram 64 bit OS Dell EZ drummer2

You’ll need to add the path to the plugin path to get it to work. I’m not in front of my system but I think it’s in something like C:\Program Files\Common Files… I had the same issue with Positive Grids Bias plug in.

Have you tried pressing the drop down button on the top right handside by the close button ?

Thanks Modulamutter! Way to overlook the obvious on my part duhhh! sedgetone I’m sure you are right too I just need to track down the plugin path for EZ2 anyone with an quick trick to that would be appreciated lol thanks guys.