[SOLVED] Cubase 8 XML Gui Color Codes


In Cubase xml files which store preference presets there are sections which contain color information.

For example something like:

      <member name="TrackDefaultColorPreferences">
         <int name="midi" value="4287603123"/>
         <int name="audio" value="4287603123"/>
         <int name="other" value="4287603123"/>

I wonder, is there any way to somehow convert these ten-digit codes into some sort of more known html color codes for example? And then, after picking of suitable color, convert it back in this Cubase format?

The reason I am asking, because I think knowing that, it would be easier for me to create precise color presets (in external image editor for example) instead of using not so convenient tool inside Cubase itself.

Thank you!


in Preferences, you can right-click to any color-palette. Pop-up menu appears, where you can select:

  • Copy Color
  • Paste Color
  • Reset Color
  • Show Color Values (then the classic HSV or RGB format appears).

See attached screenshots, please.

Would this be an option for you?
Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 21.21.20.png

Yes! It is exactly what I thought!
Aaaand, I could read this in the manual. Shame on me.
Thank you Martin!