(Solved) Cubase 9.5.40 update 2 problems

Two thing.

  1. Hardware Rack in MixConsole now works correctly with
    Steinberg MR series

No it does not work correctly.
The input routing had a 3 way switch for including the compressor, the compressor and the reverb or none on your recording output as well as your monitor output. … This is not working as it should. There are now only two choices

  1. Midi into sample track now not working.

The hardware rack for Steinberg MR works correctly in Cubase 9.5.40, there are the following three options like before: 1. no channel strip (comp+eq) applied, 2. the channel strip applied only to the monitor output, and 3. the channel strip applied to the recorded track as well. Only the circle within the “slider” doesn’t move when toggling between those modes as it did before.

valsolim thank you for the info.
I will have another look tomorrow. Maybe I was fooled by the circle not not moving as before (I hope so).

This is wrong. Maybe you can tell me how to get option 2 (the channel strip applied only to the monitor output only) because after spending a while sitting there clicking away I can only get No channel strip or channel strip on record and monitor.

I would love to be wrong on this as so please get back to me.

Hover your mouse over the “slider” with the now-not-moving circle and use your scroll wheel to switch between the three mentioned modes. The routing diagram reflects the selected mode correctly.

Best regards


Yes that did it. Though I feel a bit stupid for clicking when I should be scrolling I am very pleased that it is working.
Thank you very much valsolim for your time and patience.