Solved: Cubase 9 Pro started raising the pitch of an entire mix by 1 semitone

I had a project open in Cubase 9 Pro and Windows 10 64-bit crashed.

Upon restart and reloading the project, all tracks are raised by one semitone. Not just the audio tracks, but also a Toontrack EZBass plugin.

Is there a global transpose setting or did the sample rate or something related somehow get changed to change the pitch by exactly one semitone? In what menu/submenu do I find the setting to fix it?

EDIT: I just realized I did switch the audio interface from a Line 6 HX Stomp to a Fractal Audio FM9. It is definitely related because switching back fixes the pitch. How do I compensate for switching audio interfaces?

EDIT: Solved it in Project/Project Setup by changing the sample rate from 44.1kHz to 48kHz and opting to convert all the audio to the new rate (and selecting “No” or something like that when asked to keep the event positions so everything was still aligned).

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, the Sample Rate of the Project and the Sample Rate of your Audio Device matches. This happens, if they don’t. Most probably your project is 44.1kHz and your Audio Device is 48kHz.

…which is why we need a visible warning :slight_smile: just sayin’… [ref. feature request]



There is in the Project window.