[Solved] Cubase crashing when editing

Everything worked fine until, one day, Cubase crashed while I was editing. The computer (Windows 10) then produced a blue screen that said there was an error and it would have to restart. After that, whenever I began editing, after about a minute, Cubase would crash. First the sound would start breaking up. Then all signals would disappear from the mixer and then the crash. Prior to this, I was experiencing playback issues from time to time and put it down to my computer not performing well. But, I was wrong…

I spent a whole day trying different things mentioned in forums, but nothing seemed to work. But, on one of forums someone mentioned that ‘a blue error screen’ on Windows indicates a hardware fault.

I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I tried updating the driver for it but still Cubase was crashing. I have three USB ports on my computer and I had always used the same one for the Focusrite. So, I tried connecting it to a different USB port and then I downloaded (from the website) and installed the drivers again. And, Bingo was his name-o!

Bingo song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hWcv6fGe9w

So, after all that faffing around, I’m guessing that a problem developed with the USB port I was using.

I hope this helps and saves others from wasting ‘valuable time’.

Back to editing… :smiley:

I am following up on your post, a few years later. I am having the same problems and I am also using the Scarlett 2i2 and at times, I’m having the dreaded blue screen…
I am aware that there is a connective problem with my USB ports on my laptop that may cause the issue as the ports/connections seem to be a little loose. I have 3 USB ports and using all of them (1 for the Scarlett 2i2, 1 for the Motu Midi micro lite device and one for the Cubase Artist dongle).

I am wondering what I could do to fix these annoying USB issues? I would not like to change my laptop just for stupid USB ports! Would you know any ways to fix this?


Try reinstalling the drivers. But you are right. Since then I had it happen for other reasons… I have an external computer fan that connect USB, and my Scarlett 2i2 plugs into the back of it into the same port. But it’s also loose and if I nudge it the blue screen error happens. I only have 2 USB ports on my computer. So what I did was buy a multi-USB adaptor, so now I can connect the 2i2 and the dongle into one port. If you have one USB port that is working perfectly you could do that. Otherwise I’m sure you could get your USB port fixed at a computer shop.

Hope that helps avoid the blue screen