[SOLVED] Cubase Generic Remote doesn't remember/mix up 'Stereo Out' channel


I’ve been using Cubase 6.x-10.x built-in Generic Remote functionality to control my channel strip.

Everything works well, besides controlling the ‘Stereo Out’ channel. In 1 of 2 times, it doesn’t ‘remember’ it and mix it up with some random mix console channel.

Also, it doesn’t accept button assigned values for turning the insert plugins on/off in the Stereo Out’ channel, but only the rotary ones.

When I assign or address the Cubase Generic Remote ‘Channel/Category’ to ‘Stereo Out’ - should Cubase remember to recall it despite how many channels are present in the mixing console? I guess ‘Stereo In’ and ‘Stereo Out’ are fixed, a system set values? If not, then, this is a bug.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Same as other channels, Generic Remote doesn’t know (and distinguish), this is Stere Out. It’s just a channel with ID x.

Imagine you have 2 reacts in your project + Stereo Out. You assign your MIDI CC to Stereo Out Volume. Then you switch to other project with 3 tracks. Now the MIDI CC is controlling Volume of Channel 3.

Thank you for the clarification!