(SOLVED) Cubase iC Pro crashes all the time!

App crashes all the time!!! I’m simply trying to create my own key command buttons, and it seems I can assign 1 and then the next one crashes the app. Most frustratingly it also crashes when I’m trying to save! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?

I’m running an ipad Pro on OS 11.4, so its not like I’m on and old device / software. Any help would be appreciated as its getting really frustrating. Plus if it crashes this much just setting it up, I wonder how often it will crash when it really matters - in use!

BTW, I’m simply trying to setup the app for remote control recording. Though this app was not inexpensive, I am open to alternative apps if this one cant cut it.

Same here.

Hi JT3Jon + Scattitude,

Sorry, I can’t reproduce your crashes with :

iPAD Pro 10.5, iOS 11.4.1, Macbook Pro OsX 10.12.6 + Cubase 9.5 + iC PRO, SKI Remote v.

  • start iCPro
  • launch Cubase 9.5
  • connect iCPro with Cubase via WLAN
  • moving mixer fader in iC Pro
    Result : mixing fader in cubasis moves as expected
  • go to iC Pro key command settings
  • add key command “last version”
  • add key command “Open Key Editor”
  • add key command select track “up”
  • check all newly added key commands

Result : all key commands work as expected, crash is not reproducible

Can you describe your steps more in detail ?

best regards

Same here… I’ts random, I gave up on it. More trouble than remembering the Key Commands (Mac Mojave Cubase pro etc… all latest versions )

Running 1.2.2 and SKI 1.0.8 on iPhone 8 and Apple 6th Gen iPad (both running iOS 12.3.1), connecting to my DAW on a 5G WiFi network. DAW is running Win10 1903.

No issues, iC Pro works flawlessly with super quick response from either device to my Cubase Pro 10.0.30 equipped DAW. Thank you Steinberg, this app is essential to my recording process!!!

Same here too
Ive bought yesterday Cubase IC PRO and i have cubase 12 pro
ski and bonjour drivers are installed
Cubase IC PRO(Andriod) still crashes with startup on my phone
Please help

Best Regards

Hi all,

We are working on the next update, which aims to resolve your crash problems.


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Will the update include a fix for MacPro 2019 Running Ventura 13.6. It keeps searching for my 2019 MacPro and can not find it.

HI Lars
Ein Gutshein von google play store ist mir lieber
weil mein handy kein android 12 unterstutzt

Mfg Peter Bomhof

Hi all,

Please note that we’ve release Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 this morning which addresses several crash problems. Please find out more right here: https://forums.steinberg.net/t/cubase-ic-pro-1-2-6-available.

We would be very pleased to hear from you, if the update resolves your current issues.

If you like Cubase iC Pro, please support us by rating it on Google Play and the App Store!

Thanks in advance,

Didnt last to long. The dreaded crash has come back to haunt. Went the last few months with no problems ipad updates and this problem returns. The worrying part is it took Steinberg yrs for fix this same problem.

I’ll give an update check in 2026. :crazy_face:

Any chance you could work on another update?

Hi @Muzik4Life

Please give it a try to fully shut down your iOS device, as described in the following Apple article:

Does Cubase iC Pro work as expected, once you’ve restarted your iOS device and Cubase iC Pro?


No. Switching off/on WIFI with ICPRO ruining is the only working that works.

Hi all,

We are sorry to read that some of you experience ongoing crash issues with Cubase iC Pro.

Our engineering is currently evaluating the problem and we hope to have a solution available very soon.

Sorry for your inconvenience!

Best wishes,

Hi all,

Please note that Cubase iC Pro 1.2.7 for iOS has been released, which addressed the problem that establishing a connection rendered the app unreliable for some users.

Download Cubase iC Pro on the App Store

Warm greetings,

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Can confirm the latest iPad/phone update is now working as it should. :beer:

Thank you Steinberg

All the Best :beer:

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Thanks for the Update! Now it works on my Ipad Pro M1 as well as on my Iphone Pro 11.

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Hi @Muzik4Life, Hi @jazztom,

Thanks for your feedback! We are very glad to read, that the update did resolve your connection issue!

& stay well,

Any new features?? Or updates???