[SOLVED] Cubase ic purchased on android need to buy again on iOS!

Hi… some time ago I made the mistake of buying cubase ic pro from my android tablet… the licence for it still exists on my elicenser .
The licence doesn’t state iOS or android…Not just says cubase ic pro.

A couple of weeks after I purchased it Steinberg kindly discontinued it and it’s no longer available for modern android devices.

I didn’t bother trying to get a refund, I’ve since been using lemur and touch osc.

But even more recently I picked up an iPad mini 4
I’m a little shocked to see £8.99 to buy it, when a licence for it already sits unused on my elicenser.
I certainly don’t mind paying for the software but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay twice considering how Steinberg just discontinued it.

I hadn’t before bothered chasing a refund for it, but if steinberg wish me to pay for it again in iOS, then I will certainly need the old one refunded.
Steinberg could you please let me know what’s needed here… how do I get refunded for your android abortion so that I can purchase the iOS… or is there some way I can just install it on iOS and use the licence I already have?


Hi krevvy,

I have sent you a private message.
Please let me have your feedback via eMail.


Thanks very much! Info sent


Hi Garry,

Thanks for your eMail, replied already…


Great work… that’s so much for resolving.