[SOLVED] Cubase LE5: Installation Problem on Second PC

I obtained Cubase LE5 with a Zoom processor I had purchased a while back. Since I had no computer at that time, I installed LE5 on my friend’s laptop, and I still have both the Activation key and the soft e-licenser number with me. There was no involvement of any USB e-licensers when I installed LE5.

However, he purchased a new computer and his previous one (on which I had installed LE5) was formatted. I have a laptop of my own now, and want to install LE5 on it.

Could someone please guide me how to get Cubase LE5 up and running (what all activation/licensing steps are needed)? Because for the life of me I can’t get through the Activation procedure. I downloaded the e-licenser Control Center, but no soft e-licenses can be found on my laptop.


You might be in this situation …


If you get a new Soft-eLicenser number, you should be able to log into your MySteinberg account and re-activate your software.

Thanks! I installed the “Installation Helper” and it worked.