[SOLVED] Cubase locks during initializing

My good old cubase-10, ever so reliable, is now hanging during the initializing process on bootup.

I upgraded Dorico to ver5, used the Download Assistant, and noticed that there were various updates recommended as well. And lots of additional files for Dorico Pro5. Updates for Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, etc.

Dorico Pro5 is working fine, it seems. But now, Cubase Pro 10 locks up during the initializing phase, after Media Services, I think that’s when it moves on to VSTs.

I re-installed Cubase Pro10, no different. I downloaded Cubase Pro9.5, which I used to use on my old system, that too hangs, after initializing VST2, while attempting to initialize VST3.

That would point to an issue with a VST. But I only installed whatever the Steinberg Download Assistant indicated.

Any ideas on where to go from here to fix this?
I’m on Win11.

Thanks, good people!

This is probably one for the support team tbh, they would need to look at your logs and see what’s hanging the process up on boot, and you can only really tell through logs. Send a ticket in if I was you.

Do you get the option to start cubase with all plugins deactivated the next time you try and boot it (on the crash recovery screen)? Try it with everything deactivated if you get that option to see if it is plug in related possibly.

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Suspecting that it was a VST3 issue, I isolated all the plugs in Program Files\Common Files\VST3, whereupon Cubase booted up.

I then introduced them back, gradually, and quickly discovered that Halion Sonic 7 was the culprit. I deleted it, downloaded and installed it again, and everything seems to be working fine.

Thanks @DaftFader for the response, however in this case, there was no crash, so no crashdump file (I checked). Just hanging during bootup, that’s all.

I also investigated Cubase Safe Mode, after reading another post. But C10 doesn’t give the option to boot without plugs. That was introduced in C11. But I now know about Cubase Safe Mode!


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Glad you managed to figure it out!

I had a similar issue on my last instal of 12, and only just finished reinstalling windows as I now have an install just for using Cubase; It’s Tucked away on a partition on my M2 drive so that no other drivers or software on the system will get in the way of it and cause weird crashes etc.

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