[SOLVED] Cubase prevents other applications from playing audio

I only have one question at the moment: Why does Cubase block all other programs that play sound (like browser Youtube)? Other DAWs don’t do that (like Ableton for example)!

If you’re using the ASIO interface in Cubase, as most of us do, that’s normal ASIO behavior.

That said, some audio drivers (depending on the audio interface manufacturer) can do multiple simultaneous audio modes, i.e. ASIO, WDM, and such. My Motu 896 does this. My system uses windows audio and Cubase uses ASIO interface and they both work at the same time. I can’t have two programs using ASIO at the same time, though, and I’m fine with that.

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I believe there is a preference to “release driver in background” that solves this problem.

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I use “AsioLinkPro”.
A discontinued intermediate driver that adds wdm to the asio driver to fix this.

I tested voicemeeter too:

Ok, this is very important to me because I am an absolute beginner and I have no idea about drivers! As already written, it works with Ableton, but not with Cubase! But I want to stay with Cubase! As I said, I’m just a beginner! It would also be nice if there was someone who could speak German with me!

I know there is a German section here in the forum, but it’s not really maintained!