(Solved) Cubase Pro 10 - Terrible display Graphic Distortion

I bought this cubase pro 10 in the sale, only been able to use it for 60mins because I can’t see what I’m doing anymore, graphical glitches, missing graphics and vertical lines. Highly fustrating as I could have been working on a paid project. I will attach screen shots below of this travesty software.

I will be getting a new win 10 computer today so I will update if it solves the problem, though there is nothing wrong with my current set up win 7.

Hi and welcome,

What graphics card do you have? Could you try to update your graphics card driver?


HD3000 driver version

Go to Edit->Preferences->User Interface->Color Schemes and choose one of default color scheme.
also, if it doesn’t work for you. Click Defaults (near APPLY OK CANCEL) button in every option below User interface.

accidently i get this bug also when trying making custom colors in User Scheme


I don’t think this is a preferences problem. The objects are completely messed up. Even the position of the objects is wrong.

You could try to trash Cubase preferences (if you have an older Cubase installed, rename the preferences folder too, please).

Hey guys thanks for all your help!!
All I did was go to preferences and click on default and bingo! then i clicked on my saved file preferences again and no probs!
Yes i do have an older version, hope this isnt going to clash. But at least i know how to get it looking normal again incase it does! :slight_smile: