[Solved] Cubase Pro 8.5 (32 bit) Error Message 1612

Is anyone getting the following Error Code 1612 when trying to install Cubase Pro 8.5 32 bit (and now 64 bit) on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I’ve tried repeatedly to install MIDI Loops and each time get this message. I have even tried re-downloading the full version of 8.5 from My Steinberg. I have also disabled my Antivirus software - (especially during download)

Any help would be appreciated.

Please reinstall the last update before this one and then try this update again? On the other hand…Why would you want to use a 32 bit version on a 64 bit OS? Maybe something to consider and install the 64 bit version of Cubase? This just might solve this issue also?

I am already running it in 64 bit. I just want a place to run for some of my older plugins such as Native Instruments Pro53 which is not longer supported.


It looks like some permissions issue. But the MIDI Loops are installed with your 64-bit Cubase, so you can skip them.

It’s now doing it in the 64 bit installation too! The plot thickens…


To install the Steinberg_EDM_Toolbox_MIDI_Loops

  1. Go to your Cubase 8.5. installation disk/folder/thumb drive etc.

  2. Navigate to: Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound

  3. Launch the Steinberg_EDM_Toolbox_MIDI_Loops.msi file and if it can’t find the file browse to the same file as you are launching.

  4. Install.

  5. Done!

  6. Grin to yourself like an idiot (momentarily of course making sure nobody is looking!) :slight_smile:

  7. Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself a cold one! :slight_smile: