[SOLVED] Cubase Scaling Issues on 2k screens

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this issue on 2k screens and 4k screens, also.
I have Cubase 9.5 Pro. I keep my Windows at 125% scaled. Cubase is way too small at 100%. I played with every option in the Compatibility with HDpi and all that, nothing really works. It’s always blurry. I’ve read all posts about this and nothing really works for me.
The issue may also be the fact that the 9.5 Pro version of Cubase I have does NOT include the Hdpi Scaling option, which was included only in the 10 or 11 version of Cubase.
I am disappointed because I am basically forced to upgrade just for this. This should have been a free update for every version lol.
And I might also find out that even if I upgrade to the latest version, I would still have this issue, because I’ve read that a lot of people still experience this even with the latest version. Maybe things are a little better, but a lot of plugins are still blurry or way too big or way too small or partially cut off.

Anyone with the latest version running on a 2k/4k screen with everything scaled up that does not have any issues? Please tell me.
I don’t wanna end up upgrading and still have these scaling issues.
Other DAW’s run great, it’s s a shame.


As far as I remember, Cubase 9.5 didn’t support HiDPI.

I would recommend to download Cubase 12 Trial and test it at your specific system.

@Martin.Jirsak thank you for your feedback
Wouldnt it mess up my current Cubase installation if I were to download the trial version of cubase 12? Meaning that if I decided to not upgrade, wouldn’t I have to uninstall Cubase and install it again together with all my plugins?


Your Cubase 9.5 remains untouched.

Great. Thank you very much

Unfortunately the issue persists. Now I have some texts kind of sharp, but the images are still blurry

Is there anything left to do?

Have you enabled the HDPI setting in the prefs?

Yes I did. I played around with every option - System Scaling; -25%; +25%. The images are still blurry, only the texts are sharp.
Maybe it’s harder to see in the image I uploaded.

By images I believe you mean icons, don’t you?

Hi @Armand
Yes, I do mean icons
The “e” from channel
R and W
Anything like that

The only instance when things are “perfect” is either when I have my Windows on 100% or when I have my Windows on 125% and Cubase HDPi on -25%
So basically it only work flawlessly when its at 100%

But everything is too small and I can’t work like that

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This is expected. Most of the icons have yet to be migrated to their so-called vectorized version. This will happen iteratively throughout the upcoming updates. Unfortunately the initiative has been delayed a bit due to problems with the new graphics backend of Mac OS.

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I see.
Do you have any idea about how much time we are talking? 3 weeks? 3 months? One year? @Armand

@Armand another concern I have is this
Lets say I upgrade to the 12 version and I scale to 125% and the texts are sharp but the icons are blurry
Wouldnt it be harmful to my eyes to look at the blurry icons? For me eye strain is a really big issue and i know that things are blurry because of some pixel issues

Harmful definitely not. Most of the time, since the beginning of computers, we looked at pixelated andblurry images for decades, with no big problems at all. Only since the last 15 years we have the luxury of looking at razor sharp images. That said, its also easier on the eyes, if a picture has the same dpi through and through.

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It will be iteratively done throughout the different updates, there is no timeline besides this one.