[SOLVED] Cubasis 2 and Cubase Elements 9.5 missing instruments

I have full licenced copies of ipad Cubasis 2 and PC laptop Cubase LE Elements 9.5.30.

When I share a project between the devices/programs everything work except for the kits. Basically my problem is that both full versions have different kits and I would like to somehow merge the kits so the complete list is present upon both devices. I love the AM Vintage Kit 1 on the iPad and the Ozzie kit on groove agent 4 on the laptop. As you can see in the below screencaps the list of available kits are completely different with no overlap meaning that I cant have the same sounds on each device.



Please help as this is very frustrating but ther is probably a simple solution…


I had to upload the images to a image host… sorry for the quality - i can’t stop it getting fuzzy…

Steinberg Australia support (Yamaha) got back to be after I emailed them. Here is their response.

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment as the Instruments while similar to the desktop versions they are actually different.
Hopefully this may be something that can be integrated at a later date

So… that sucks. Anyone know if you can extract the sounds files from the iPad Cubasis via finder and build your own kit in Cubase?

I ended up finding that the kits on the ipad were from the “Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol 1 and 2” so problem solved!