[SOLVED] Cubasis 3 does not appear in my ios devices appstore

So far there’s no Cubasis 3, whevever I try to find it in the (German) Appstore on my iOS devices

See the workaround from the other thread by manfredloe:

“Go to the appstore search Cubasis 2.
Then click on Manufactorer Steinberg - then you‘ll find Cubasis 3.
For the transfer of the in app purchases one has to update Cubasis 2 to version 2.8.2 - which isn‘t available at the german appstore yet.”

So… I’m in America and my Cubasis version is 2.8.1 and there is no 2.8.2 in the store
I just bought Cubasis 3 and when I go to the store it offers a transfer but takes me to the App Store
No indications how you transfer your purchases?!!
I have opened the Cubasis 2 app and kept it open and then opened Cubasis 3 and tried the transfer but all it does is bring me to the App Store where Cubasis 2 is

so confusing

Hi UrbanKidd,

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Please see your other thread answered here: Transfer purchases from Cubasis 2 and registration - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums