[SOLVED] Cubasis everytime changes routing

How in the subject: everytime I open Cubasis and I open a previous saved project I find the routing of all the midi tracks changed. How is it possible?
Think you

Hi strato54,

We are aware of an issue where UNDO can lead to renaming / routing problems that is very hard to track.
However we do not know about an issue where opening a previous saved project lead to such problems.

Do you have more infos for us (an exact step by step description would be helpful), so we can give it a try to reproduce the issue?


Unfortunately it happens every time I open a previous saved project. So there’s no previous UNDO

Please let us have a step by step description so we can give the issue a repro.


Hi Lars,

yesterdy I’ve uptated my 1.9.8 Cubase tu ver. 1.9.9 and all seem to be right now.
No wrong routing when I open old song saved.
Thank you,


Hi Mario,

Thanks for your confirmation.
We’re glad the latest update solved the issue!