(Solved) Cubasis, iPad and UR44 Inputs do not go to an audio track

I simply can not get the microphone on Inputs 1-4 to go to an audio track input on Cubasis 3.5 when using a UR44.
The microphone works - I can hear it, because it’s going straight to the stereo out / headphones out - instead of being routed into a Cubasis Track.
I’ve set the audio channel input via Routing.
I can hear the microphone.
But arming the track does not set the input to go to the track - and this is confirmed by looking at the channel in the mixer.
It simply goes straight to the phones.

Is there a way to resolve this?
I would guess this is a hardware issue?
Has anyone else got this setup working.

UR 44
Cubasis 3.5.x
Ipad 11 pro

Hi Dave_Wise,

I’m assuming you have the input turned on?


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Hi @Dave_Wise,

Thanks for your message.

First of all, please make sure your UR44 is properly connected to the iPad. Here, you may follow the “Using the UR44 with an iPad” instructions of the UR44 manual.

In addition, please take a look at the “Adding Audio Tracks” chapter of our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial to learn more about audio routing in Cubasis:

Hope that helps!

Stay safe,

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Hello Lars

Many thanks for your email.
Appreciate your answer.

Sadly, that doesn’t help.

The unit is the original UR44
I assure you that I have the inputs set up properly via “Routing” and the audio track armed and ready to record.
The +48v and the microphone are connected.
And the unit is in “CC MODE”

When starting Cubasis on the Ipad and choosing a project

  • Cubasis takes over the UR44
    And after 7 seconds it times-out and reverts back to the last input settings - set via the Steinberg dspMixFX.
    Which is why I know the microphone is working - I can hear it and I can see the levels display properly in the software.

The problem is either the hardware - or the firmware - or possibly Cubasis

All of the output channels are working properly.
Imported wav / flac files sound great.
But Cubasis can not assign the input channels on the UR44 to the audio track I wish to record on.

It simply times-out after 7 seconds and reverts back to the last settings on dspMIXFX

Also - the inputs on the UR44 work as expected within Nuendo ( on my PC W11 ) - which is my main DAW.
Therefore, the hardware does work properly - just not with Cubasis
Hence I believe it’s a firmware issue.
V2.12 ( the latest version ) is installed on my UR44

Hello Lars

On further investigation - it appears from users of iPadOS 16.3 on both the iPad AIR and iPad Pro are having compatibility problems with soundcards.

Re: M1 and M2 audio “DriverKit” API

Can you confirm that Cubasis 3 works with an Ipad Pro with iPadOS 16.3 and your soundcards? ( Specifically the original UR44 )

Many thanks.

Hi @Dave_Wise,

On further investigation - it appears from users of iPadOS 16.3 on both the iPad AIR and iPad Pro are having compatibility problems with soundcards.

Cubasis for iOS fully supports the use of class compliant audio devices. We are unaware about any issues in this area.

Please confirm that you’ve been successfully resolving the problem yourself, via enabling Mic access in the Apple Privay Settings, as already stated in this topic.


Hi Lars

Thank you for your message.

I can confirm that setting the microphone to ‘ON’ in Settings> Cubasis; enables use of the audio inputs from external sound cards.

I can freely assign inputs to arm, record and playback the signal to a track.
Inputs now work as expected.

Specifically my Steinberg UR44
( And also a Behringer XR18, just to confirm that Cubasis also works with other manufacturers of sound cards )

Thank you again,