[SOLVED] Cubasis ipad Bluetooth audio out

Hi all,
Just wanted to know if bluetooth audio out is supported in cubasis for ipad, and if so, how to set it up.

Hello David,

no, bluetooth audio is not supported at the moment.

Kind regards,

I purchased Cubasis a while ago and imediately got very disappointed due to the lack of bluetooth audio output. I assumed that this was more or less to be expected of an iOS audio app, but I could not be more wrong when it comes to Cubasis.

Please add this to the to-do list as a highly needed feautre, and I will stop considdering cubasis unusable.

Would you please discribe your workpath if you have bluetooth audio out?


I’m not really sure what bluetooth would bring to the table for audio apps as the latency it would introduce would make it unusable.

Try watching a movie with your audio streaming over bluetooth and you’ll see what I mean. The latency is bad.

Huh? Latency seems fine with Korg Gadget, Nanostudio, Akai iMPC…

Steinberg, please: BLUETOOTH STEREO AUDIO!!!

Get with it!

I walk onto the airplane, take a seat.

The plane takes off, and we’re allowed to use electronic devices.

Bluetooth headphones on, no wires to get tangled in such a tight space.

Commence composing.

It’s really convenient to use Bluetooth in these situations especially since the LG Tone+ sounds decent, can pair with multiple devices, and are earbuds to block ambient noise.

I’ve been traveling a lot and wearing the Tone+ is easier to manage since there are no wires, and after security you wear it like a necklace. It’s ready to go.

I’ve really enjoyed this with Korg Gadget and was dismayed to find Cubasis simply uses the phone codec when transferring audio.

I have no idea what Bigcragle is talking about with latency. Works fine for me.


We have this on our feature request list already. :slight_smile:

Hi can you tell me if there is a bug in the Cubasis setup of the recording section. With the button not on it still selects tracks with armed record.

Any update on Bluetooth availability upgrade? I teach and would like to walk around the room with Cubasis control.

Hi djbowyer,

good news…

AirPlay, Bluetooth and HDMI audio out support has been included back with Cubasis 1.8.1 (1.8.2 has been released last Friday). Please find the option located in the audio tab on the setup page.