[SOLVED] Cubasis LE (full feature set) vs Cubasis for iPad?

What’s difference between
Cubasis LE - Mobile Music Production Application for iPad (with full feature set)
Cubasis - Music Production System for iPad?

I have Steinberg UR12, so that Cubasis LE for iPad is unlocked(i.e. not demo version).
But to get full feature set I should pay $32.99.

My question is what’s difference between
(unlocked) Cubasis LE with $32.99 and
Cubasis with $54.99 ?

For example, basic (unlocked) Cubasis LE version supports up to 4 audio and 4 midi tracks,
while Cubasis LE with full feature set ($32.99) supports unlimited tracks which is same as Cubasis ($54.99).

Do they have same features? or does Cubasis with $54.99 have more features?

Hi Hybe,

The Full Feature Set IAP updates Cubasis LE to the same features of Cubasis.


Thank you for reply.