[SOLVED] CUBASIS midi export data no add options

Hi Guys please help. I have a midi file 4min of piano play. I have locators set up, track selected as a solo track and I try to export this as a midi to my Cubase 8. When I select mixdown, then midi I have no option to choice anything it mean all buttons(file between locators, include effects etc) are not working.
When I start to export my mid file has after export 5kb and If I import it to Cubase 8 there is nothing only created track without any data.
Why Cubasis dont have possibility choice export options concerning MIDI mixdown? Mybe I have something set up wrong. Please help

Thanks a lot

Hi Kolmar1968,

Cubasis supports the regular MIDI File Format 1 when exporting MIDI files.
The options “range between locators, include effect tail, separate files for tracks” are not available for MIDI exports.

Please note that the Cubasis project importer extension (available as free download*) allows to import Cubasis projects in Cubase (cross-platform).

Please have a look in the in-app help (MediaBay/Export to Cubase) to learn how to transfer Cubasis projects to your computer and import them into Cubase.

Cubasis Project Importer Download Link


Thanks that is what I needed.

Glad to hear, thanks for the update!