(SOLVED) Cubasis_ purchased fx restore

Hi, year ago i bought Cubasis on my wife android tablet. In have also bought all fx and machines. Now i have noticed that that i can use cubasis on my phone with my another google acount due to family library. But there is no fx and machines i bought. So i have created steinderg acount on my wife google mail. Still is nothig there. Help

Hi @Michal_Kleger,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome.

You can install Cubasis on all Android devices which are logged onto the same Google Play account used for the initial purchase.

Once you’ve installed the app on an additional device, please open the “in-app shop” and tap “Restore purchases” to make existing in-app purchases appear as well.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve the problem.

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Hi i made secound account on my mobile with my wife mail. All works! But she is not so happy :slight_smile: thx

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Hi i purchased neo fm on michal.kleger@gmail.com account and it dont find it ona my wife account. In other way i have on my account (micrologue and fx pack and machines) that was purchased on my wife account. (The same family group). Help please

Solved. I made secound wife account on my phone. Changed on Play store to her account and cubasis found restore

Hi @Michal_Kleger

Thanks for the updated message. We are glad to read youÄ’ve been able to resolve the problem!

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