[SOLVED] Cubasis to App midi

Has anyone had any success driving other Apps from Cubasis?

I’ve used App to App midi a fair bit so I know it can be awkward on occasion, particularly with no standard for how the midi options are shown. The inspector in Cubasis looks like a good implementation for making control easy to see and change but I have tried many setting and can’t get either of my two normal test Apps Nlog or Sunrizer to respond.

If anyone else has got one of them working can you tell me the inspector settings that you are using and the midi settings in the receiving App?

I notice in the help file it claims that there is an enable midi out switch but I have been unable to find this…

Any help appreciated.

Hi Skipp!

When I connected Cubasis to SampleTank I did chose “Virtual MIDI” in the Cubasis inspector as the output of the MIDI track. And the app you are trying to control must support background audio.
I hope this helps.



Connecting “sunrizer” to cubasis works great, but when I try to connect “animoog” I only get a distorted noise. Is there a bug or do I make something wrong?

Ok, after a lot of playing around I’ve got Sunriser and Adictive Synth to work. They don’t always work and the inspector settings only seem to effect them once I’ve recorded a track. Nlog still isn’t working which is weird as it is usually the easiest to get up and running.

The biggest immediate problem is the inspector. On Sunrizer I need to go into Sunrizer and switch my keyboard on as a midi source when recording and off when I want to record any other App. What I want to happen is for my keyboard to come in on a fixed midi channel and for Cubasis to route the midi to it but this only seems to happen with recorded data. As it playes the recorded data properly the midi selection menus clearly work but they don’t seem to route the data from an external keyboard properly. So effectively no midi through Cubasis.

Finally managed to get Nlog working and have Nlog, Addictive Synth, and Sunrizer, all going at the same time along with a drum track and a piano in Cubasis. That seems like enough to work with.

The order the Apps are opened in seems to have an effect on audio priority on some occasions and so I’ve had to reboot them to get audio back on occasion. Once I finally got all three working it appeared to be reasonably stable.

In the inspector I set the output to Virtual midi with the appropriate channel set. In the synth receiving midi I set midi input to Cubasis where there was an option.

Haven’t discovered a program change option yet so having to set programs up remotely each time I boot the App.

Hope this helps someone.