[Solved] Disappearing Items in Mixer Control Bar? (9.5)

I installed 9.5. It picked up on my preferences to 9, and imported them. On my second monitor, I have the MixConsole 1 open. When I first opened a project, it showed the toolbar at the top of the mixer, and it appeared to be set up exactly as I had it in version 9. I right-clicked on the bar to change the arrangement of a couple of the items. When I did this, the setup on the bar “poofed” and gave me a different arrangement of items, but only a small amount of what I originally had up there. So, I right-clicked on the bar again to rearrange the items. But, the number of items I had for selection in 9 is different in 9.5, and I can’t restore items that I originally had pinned to the bar in 9, and which initially showed when I booted the program.

I did check the setup for the bar, and nothing is hidden. It only gives me 6 items that can be pinned. What I’m really missing is the Performance Meter. My monitors are stacked vertically, so I’d keep the performance meter at the top of the upper monitor and wouldn’t have it in my sight on the main monitor.

Is the reduction of items intended, or am I really having a problem here?

On Windows 7 Pro.

Trashed preferences, and all the items I was missing returned to where they should be. I was missing a lot more than just the System Performance Meter.

I have the same problem but trashing UserPreferences.xml did not solve the problem. Bummer. :frowning:

Trashing prefs. Might not work if it rebuilds from an older version.
I,like many others am missing the metronome, it is definitely a issue with the userpreferences.xml
Time to back it up, put on the big boy trousers and fire up an xml editor, wish me luck :slight_smile:

Do you know what you need to edit, or are you just going to make an educated guess and then see what effect it has? I just opened the file and it seems to be fairly well organized, so maybe I’ll take the plunge as well.

Oh, and good luck. :slight_smile:

Someone did the hard work, so it was easy, just follow the instructions in this thread

Thanks! :smiley:

I just applied the technique to the “CSTrackMixerToolbar” and got all the controls back at the top of the MixConsole.

I did it by deleting all the following lines in UserPreferences.xml, saving the file, and restarting Cubase. I then saved a new MixConsole preset over my old one.


Nice, glad you got it sorted.

same bug, trashing UserPreferences.xml not help

any other solution ?

upd: this helps to me https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=107812&p=633664&hilit=mixconsole+controls#p633664